Smart Building Systems

Our product range is extensive and offers solutions for both commercial and residential projects. The range of solutions available covers windows, entrance doors, sliding and slide folding doors, curtain wall, ground floor treatment and conservatory roofing systems. Utilising the latest BIM Technology, our highly experienced and dedicated support team produces innovative product solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers, ensuring that together, we remain at the forefront of the market. Many of our recent developments have been revolutionary and we take great pride in not just reacting to the market, but in taking a proactive lead in the development of the next generation of aluminium systems. Although we are able to bring new products to market in a remarkably short time frame, we nevertheless undertake extensive prototyping and rigorous testing before any new system is launched.

Smart Buildings Systems

With us, you can expect between 10% and 30% energy cost savings with the typical EMS (Energy Management System), based on the claims and studies of industry EMS vendors. However, according to a 2015 global study by researchers at National Taipei University of Technology’s Department of Energy and Refrigerating Air-Conditioning Engineering in Taiwan, the average EMS across the broad range of building types (excluding industrial and factory buildings, which achieve lower savings) saves about 16% of energy costs. This is because even the common up-to-date EMS does not change the energy efficiency of equipment in your building, and it does not predict future energy loads. It only meters and monitors equipment, and it can only turn equipment on/off based on a predetermined schedule. The EMS makes use of programmable thermostats. In 2016, the Gas Technology Institute, a nationally recognized, third-party verification lab, published results from a study that compared an up-to-date EMS system’s programmable thermostat (programmed for optimal efficiency) to a predictive, proactive smart thermostat solution for HVAC energy efficiency.

More information on EMS can be found here
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